Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are You Ready for "Aha" with Epiphany?

Epiphany comes to visit in strange ways. She never announces when she’s coming to visit, so it’s not like you get a chance to prepare beforehand.
At times, she quietly drops by bringing with her some of the greatest opportunities we will ever be blessed to experience. In those moments, she’s Auntie Mame – a larger than life caricature, immaculately coifed, well turned out and connected. Like a whirlwind, she’s opening doors and making introductions. She’ll ask if you’re ready to go with her, but she’s not one to dilly-dally. Barely waiting for your response, she’ll grab your hand and take off at breakneck speed. Breathing in her intoxicating exquisite perfume, you’ll find yourself on top of the world, ready to follow her anywhere and experiencing some of the most wonderful things to behold.
Coming back down to Earth, you’ll pinch yourself just to make sure it’s not a dream. Rule number one – it’s all real. When the doorbell rings; answer it. If you wait or hesitate, she’ll surely find someone else who wants to make the trip. Success is taking hold and you are moving to a new transformational level. Embrace and enjoy the ride.
On other occasions, her sudden appearance will cause you to drop onto your knees in total surrender, reverence, adoration and awe. It’s during those times Epiphany sweeps in as an unexpected house guest, opening your private closets and drawers and exposing your frayed knickers for the world to see. Looking like she just stepped out of bed and didn’t have time to apply makeup, everything appears out of focus and you sometimes feel short of breath with anxiety rising in your chest.
Rule number two – don’t panic. This obviously isn’t the time to let pride or humility get in the way.  In those moments, it’s sometimes easy to curse her for the unexpected imposition as you open the door, but I’ve learned just to take in a deep breath, blow it out and wait for comprehension and understanding to take hold. Then, remembering my manners, I greet her and graciously welcome her in. You’re not going to be good at it the first few times – it takes plenty of practice. What I can tell you is while you’re going through your transformational journey and shifting your entire belief system, you’ll get plenty of chances to practice.
Even so, Epiphany kind of grows on you. I’ve come to love her rambunctiousness, her fearlessness and her ability to stand up in the face of whatever she’s presented with. I admire her willingness to let the winds carry her where they may. I’m grateful for the fact she even knows my name, so when she shows up I’m throwing open the doors!
You never know where or when lightning’s going to strike, so my advice to you is to be ready. Rule number three – be ready. Opportunity seldom knocks twice. If you’re serious about making transformational change in your life, remember what your mother used to say, “Make sure you’ve cleaned up and got on some good underwear – you never know who’s going to see them.”  That is the reality of the situation – if you’re asking for the Universe for something, you don’t know how or when it’s going to show up so you better be ready.
Remember, Love and Light will always help you embrace your best outcome!



  1. Ms Epipheny knocked on my door and I didn't know who she was, so I said "No, Thank You" when she said she wanted to give me something. So she went away. But I know that next time she comes knocking, I WILL be ready!

  2. If there's any lesson to be learned it's exactly that one - be ready. Thanks for your comment and for reading IntuitiveGoddesse Modern Musings.