Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dream of the Seven Sisters

I found myself walking along a quiet secluded beach. The moon shone brightly wrapped in gauzy clouds.  Water lapped the shoreline and I was alone. As I walked, I noticed something gleaming from among the billions of tiny crystal shards of sand. Stopping to check it out, I knelt down and found seven exquisitely beautiful pearls.  Perfectly round luminous beauties, they glistened in the moonlight like sparkling diamonds.

There was something energetically profound about them. Sitting down, I caressed each one in my hand. The spheres vibrated in my presence, letting me know I was free to pick them up and carry them home.

I wrapped them in a piece of gold silk cloth I found in the pocket of my skirt.  The fabric was long enough to wrap each one securely so they wouldn’t scrape against each other in my pocket. Having secured my treasures, I wistfully looked into the night sky and gave thanks for the unexpected bounty.

Back home, I carefully unwrapped each one, bathing it in a light bath of crystal-infused water to clean away any remaining sandy grit.  At that point, I wasn’t sure what to do with them so I placed them on a clean piece of silk on my altar waiting for inspiration.

For several weeks they remained unmoved, sparkling in the sunlight which dawned each morning and glistening in effervescent hues under the moon’s gaze each evening. For hours at a time, I sat and meditated, lost in time. 

Awakening from one of my trances, I realized I had finally gotten clear instructions. The pearls were to be fashioned into jewelry. Each stone was a huge reservoir of ethereal energy, but for me to claim the magick, I had to consciously wear them on my body.

The first one said its name is Courage.  It asked to be placed in a ring to remind me every day that I have the focus and clarity to move forward and accomplish my goals. It reminds me that we are all divine sparks having a physical existence. It is here to accelerate my growth and accomplishments. 

The second one named itself Truth. It was placed in a silver cage to wear in a necklace. Touching my throat the only sounds it allows are those of universal love. Opening my mouth to speak, the voice which issues forth is melodic and embellished with the sound of creation energy.

The twins are named Virtue and Compassion. Set in matching silver crescents, they nest on my earlobes. They allow me to hear beauty and remind me to pay attention and listen. Tuned into the spirit world, they amplify the small voices and communicate messages I am charged with delivering from souls that have passed over.

Wisdom was placed in a diadem to wear as a crown upon my brow. Her job is to keep my vibration high and allow me to discard unnecessary noise which clouds ordinary sight. Through Wisdom I am given the gifts of channeling and prophecy.

The final two are indeed another twin pair, Gratitude and Forgiveness. Like Wonder Woman’s bracelets they embedded themselves into a matching pair of silver cuffs. They remind me to be purposeful in my actions and to remember to give thanks for the showers of abundance which surround me.

The seven sisters came to Earth to enrich my life. Their gifts are what I share with the world.

Each one of us has gifts we are given to heal ourselves and help the world around us. Need, a little help exploring your special talents? Click here to contact me. I love working with people interested in doing the work required for personal transformation and who are willing to invest in themselves. Take the first step on your empowerment journey!



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreams and Other Visions

I was preparing to gently drift off to sleep. Suddenly, I find myself in the middle of a meadow that stretches seemingly forever. 

There's calm and beauty all around me and no one else as far as I can see. The huge, golden sun orb pleasantly warms my face.  The grasses around me dance a choreographed ballet in the gentle breeze. I am surrounded by cascades and articulations of rare and exquisite flowers, their aphrodisiac scents elevating my mood. In the distance, I can hear a waterfall, though I am unable to see it.

Unable to move from this spot, it crosses my mind I have actually stepped into Summerland - the place where souls go when they transition from one phase of being to the next. As most people never glimpse Summerland until they transition, I find myself excited by this spontaneous visitation and welcome the opportunity to interact consciously in the place outside of time.

Turning to look behind me, I notice what appears to be a purple pathway appearing out of nowhere. I recognize it as a flowing, unfurling ribbon of semi-translucent purple silk. As it reaches me, the sumptuous fabric wraps itself loosely around me and continues on its way over the horizon until I can no longer see the ribbon's end.  

The fabric dances against my skin, releasing luminous iridescent sparkles overhead - like pixie dust.  Dancing higher and higher, the sparkles magically transform into beautiful flights of colorful butterflies, their wing scales reflecting radiantly against the sunlit backdrop. Soon the sky fills with the soft, lilting flutter of butterfly wings spiraling above me like a funnel to the heavens.

As the billowing silk continues flowing through the air ahead of me, I keep hearing, "... just follow the thread". The voice is light and airy, drifting through my consciousness carried on the wind. If I hadn't been paying attention, I would have missed the message, which keeps repeating, so I close my eyes to take it all in. Upon opening them again, I realize I am no longer alone. 

Her name is Sabella. In spirit form, the only part I am able to discern comes from her penetrating and luminous green eyes - like large fire lit emeralds. In my head, I hear her voice, "You are where you think you are, in the place between worlds. 

"Follow the thread; you are clearly on your path. The inspiration you bring will take flight and transform many."

Without another word, she reaches deep inside my body and places her hand directly on my heart. I experience a powerful surge of healing energy and a massive infusion of unconditional love. I fall asleep with warmth radiating throughout my body. 

I sleep peacefully and awaken spiritually content, my heart filled with joy, ecstasy and excitement for the journey ahead.

I accept this confirmation of my work and these transformative gifts with grace and elegance, realizing as one person, I can effect change elsewhere.

If you want to know more, click here to contact me. I love working with people interested in doing the work required for personal transformation and who are willing to invest in themselves. If you're looking to make changes which will result in living a full, confident and empowering life, IntuitiveGoddesse wants to work with you!