Monday, May 23, 2011

Waking Sleeping Beauty

You’ve done just about everything everyone else wanted of you. Wife, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, friend, co-worker – no matter, whatever’s been asked, you’ve followed through walking the tightrope of responsibility. 

Between expectations and legacy bequests,  careworn and restless, your needs receded into the background, until one day, the vibrant part of you considered invincible in your 20s, is a stranger – a sleeping beauty hidden away in the 21st century remake of the Matrix. Think back and remember when life was fun, with no limits, requiring little in the way of responsibility or accountability. You lived to experience. Now you live simply to fulfill what’s expected of you.

On the outside, you’re holding your own and life seems to hum along. At work each day, you take care of other people’s needs, dashing home as the clock winds down to prepare for the expected onslaught from family, friends, or other commitments. 

You wear labels proudly, at home and in the world at large, broadcasting affinities and allegiances to all, even because to be seen is the ultimate badge of honor and being seen is important. If you don’t believe me, take a few minutes tomorrow, look around and take stock of how many others you encounter wearing “the uniform”.  So now, I’ll ask you, what is it that makes you stand out? What is your “X” factor?

And while you may have invested in stocks, bonds and other retirement-worthy instruments, more likely than not, the portfolio’s been dealt a blow between the unprecedented recession and uneven pace of economic recovery. Say a prayer every day for good health and longevity, so it won’t be necessary to depend on social security and Medicaid for old age.  Are you keen to just sit back and hope you retain your health, or are you willing to be proactive and show you can stand on your own two feet?

Every morning, it’s the same routine – up early in front of the mirror preparing to face the day. Before stepping out, maybe some stretching, yoga or Pilates, to work out the kinks, but definitely armed with the latest and greatest in subtle camouflage. Remember, first impressions are important.  Freaking out when you see an unwelcome grey hair or notice a new wrinkle? Instead, welcome the wisdom and dignity of who you are – right here, right now in this moment.

Ever spend some time looking for your sleeping beauty in the mirror? The one that had all the hopes and dreams ahead of her – before she got locked away in the highest turret of the castle – out of sight and out of mind?  That’s what happens to most of us when we reach adulthood.  We put away the hopes and dreams of childhood, tucking them neatly into the aptly-named “hope” chest.  In all the years since, have you ever opened that chest to be reminded of what could be?

Yet, this tiny voice occasionally calls out, easy to ignore as the white noise of the world muffles her cries for attention.  After awhile, she retreats in silence, falling back into her prolonged slumber ‘til something stirs her awake again.  It was probably quite startling the first times she called out, but over time it became easier to ignore her voice – your voice!  So what is it that keeps nudging her from slumber? Your unrequited dreams, of course!

What happened when the prince kissed Sleeping Beauty? Well, for one, she got to live “the happily ever after”.  Do you ever wonder what your happily ever after is?  Is there a dream you locked out in the cold because of expectations? Do you have a plan in place for the 2nd half of your life? What dreams did you aspire to which you believe are now unattainable? And most importantly, why?

Well, if your fairy godmother were to wave her wand right now, what would you ask her for? How can she help you awaken Sleeping Beauty?

Start by asking her to unlock the door so you can wake up Sleeping Beauty. Let’s discover your heart’s desire so you can move toward living authentically – confident, self-assured, and aware. Recapture your youthful fearlessness and live life on your terms! If you’re ready for answers, IntuitiveGoddesse is ready, willing and able to be your personal fairy godmother



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