Saturday, February 12, 2011

Phoenix Rising

A Goddesse reborn over and over again, sacred Phoenix can help you remember your passion and clear your path of obstacles. I hope after reading this you will allow your dreams to be reborn and come alive in the cosmic nursery!

Phoenix Rising - It is deep night and Phoenix alights on a star cluster twinkling out of the void. She comes here as avatar every night to the space between worlds when her human form sleeps. Preening her feathers, her divine spark ignites anew, illuminating her spirit body as it is propelled forward into the cosmic night.
Soaring amidst star systems, she enters galaxies new and old. She gracefully spirals and pirouettes through star nurseries and around planetary debris. Like a corsair, she rises higher and higher on the thermals in this vastness, cleansing the darkness with her white-hot, scorching heat. 
Her passion and self-awareness is as strong as the blistering warmth barely contained in her breast. Her ferocious, luminous beauty ignites a fiery swath through the night skies. She is a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by her imperious nature in the cosmic environment.
The dawning of a new day signals retreat. She surrenders her unspent energies in a magnificent burst signaling the end of her epoch. Bright energies diminish and the last bit of heat drifts away with the whispers of dawn. Her spirit body immolates as a sacrifice to the new day. Nothing remains as her withered shell returns to dust blown away carelessly by approaching solar winds.  Her soul spark merges back into the human body she shares where she will rest and slumber until summoned again to action.

In our waking lives it is inevitable that we have times where we may be paralyzed by fear, helplessness and/or procrastination. However, when we dream, there is freedom to explore the hidden messages, set intention to free ourselves from the obstacles (real or imagined) and do deep work on healing our higher selves.

Set your intention tonight before drifting off to sleep, and ask Phoenix to help you re-birth hidden passions and discover the freedom which awaits when you are truly living an Authentic life. It is time to cast off all those thoughts and feelings which do not serve your highest and best purpose. Bring light into those dark places in your psyche and open yourself up to the unlimited potential you gain with awakening each morning.

Spend time taking flight with Phoenix and realize you can consciously create your desires as well as consciously shifting your beliefs to get rid of anything which is an obstacle in your waking life.


May Phoenix guide you to find the passion to live Authentically in your life,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Light in the Darkness

This blog entry is a channeled message which I have been asked to share. I am honored to do so and welcome your comments.

To my Sisters,

Out of the darkness came the light. At first, it was just a glimmer as the Divine Consciousness began to take form as thought. From the dark expanse at the brink of the infinite horizons, Awakening began. The Divine Consciousness sparkled down from the luminous moonlight, raining essence over Gaia. Not knowing they were part of something greater, the shimmers of light continued to coalesce and evolve independent of one another. 

In our past, there have been many sparks that flamed with great brilliance. However, since mankind wasn’t yet ready to resolve our humanity with our divinity, those sparks reluctantly gave up their birthright to live in ignorance, receding into the dimensional realms, like phoenix awaiting rebirth. 

And one day, as if on cue, the Divine Consciousness reached out and illuminated all the sparkles together so we would know we were not alone. Caressed by the soft glow of moonlight, we began to recognize one another and the Divine Feminine became aware.

We, the women who walk the path, are part of the Divine Feminine who was birthed into life at that time. We have been called from all creeds, races and ethnicities to join forces to defeat the darkness and give rise to the light of Transcendence. We have been initiated into the mysteries of life and death, shedding our past karma and accepting initiation into our healing gifts.

Setting aside differences, we reach out across space and time to embrace and help our sleeping Sisters to awaken and heed the call. Called to question and quest, we release ourselves from bondage. 
Teachings have been visited upon us in many ways. We have been guided by the pearls of the night sky in slumber and meditation to arouse our higher selves. The light of the blazing sun eradicates the darkness within. Sounds of creation echo throughout our physical vessels, preparing our bodies for evolution. Star People regularly visit the transit between worlds to teach the lineages of our ancestors and help us remember. 

Ascended Masters, Angels, bodhisattvas and other benevolent beings touch our hearts, sensitizing our bodies to the fragile environment, as well as the suffering of Gaia and her children. We have been given grace, compassion and LOVE to help fulfill our joined destiny. We have risen from deep slumber to embrace both halves of creation – the physical and the divine – as interconnected transcendent entities.

We are not approaching the end of time—rather, we are gathering in preparation for the shift to a new state of being – an age of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.  

Nurturers, life bringers, healers and teachers, we are chosen. As Spiritual beings, we take our places as activists, guardians, and elementals to guide, protect, serve and facilitate the healing of those whom we meet along the interconnecting pathways. For some, this has been a remarkable awakening. Others have endured tremendous sacrifice to respond. No matter, we are now together as one people, holding one another aloft in the light. We are Goddesse.

May your light shine brightly illuminating the darkness for others.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Learning a New Vocabulary

Since part of making changes in your life involves learning a new vocabulary, I thought I’d come up with a new set of ABCs. These should help you align your thoughts with your goals and help you get ready to greet and live a new reality.

A          Be AUTHENTIC in everything you do.
B          Remember to BE always in the present moment – that’s where you do your best work.
C          Act CONCIOUSLY.
D          You are a DIVINE being having a human experience.
E          In order to achieve success, you have to put forth EFFORT.
F          FORGIVENESS is an important part of your healing.
G          Say thanks and give GRACE for all the blessings in your life.
H          It is important to exist in HARMONY.
I           The innocence and INSPIRATION of a child is important to dreaming.
J          Choose non-JUDGEMENT.
K          Share your KNOWLEDGE.
L          LOVE yourself and everyone around you.
M         You have the potential to MANIFEST your dreams into being.
N          If you don’t NURTURE yourself, no one else will.
O          We are all ONE.
P          Everyone and everything you encounter contributes to your PROSPERITY.
Q          No matter the circumstances, you should always live a QUALITY life.
R          RANDOM acts of kindness are important.
S          Align you SPIRITUAL goals with your physical goals.
T          Find your TRIBE of like-minded, supportive individuals.
U          Meditate and connect to UNIVERSAL consciousness.
V          Use your mind’s-eye to VISUALIZE your dreams.
W         WISDOM is all around you.
X          Remain eXTRAORDINARY in everything you do.
Y          It’s what YOU do that contributes to your success.
Z          ZEN is a way of bringing mind and body together in focused pursuit of your goals.
Contact IntuitiveGoddesse (click here) if you’d like more information on how to change your vocabulary and change your life outcomes.
Always expect the best outcome! Love and light,


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mandala Meditation

I love mandala.
Originally designed as microcosms of the universe in sacred and ritual customs of the Hindu and Buddhist religions, they are now viewed as powerful self-healing generators in metaphysical traditions. Today, you can design mandala from many materials, in different ways, all with the view of providing a point of focus for working on and healing the spiritual aspect of self.
Meditating on a mandala can help you discover your strengths, as well as your weaknesses and assist in safely divining a path to work through obstacles and roadblocks for self-healing and growth. I use them for meditation and to help me move outside the boundaries of time and space – especially when I’m working on a new project and I am needing inspiration.
So, how does one go about finding a mandala for self-healing? You can either use locate on that’s already been designed (such as the one at the top of this article); or if you’re looking to do some deeper work, you can create your own. All that’s needed is your imagination and some creative tools – paint, pen, pencils, crayons, paper, and collage materials – use whatever you’ve got on hand. Although the original sacred versions mimic the structure of the Universe, a mandala for self-healing doesn’t have to be any particular shape, size or color.
Use your imagination and let your creativity flow. Come out and play. Design it with the innocence and delight of a child. No rules. No structure, boundaries or specific purpose. Let your spiritual child-self decide what needs to be incorporated into the design. When complete, the finished artwork should resonate with you and then you can begin using it as a focus for meditation and/or quiet contemplation.
With that in mind, find a quiet place where you will not disturbed for approximately 15 minutes. Make sure you have a journal or notebook and something to write with before you get started.
All you need to begin is to start taking in several deep breaths, clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts in the process.  You only want to think about the mandala itself and what it is revealing to you. Let go of all your cares, worries and concerns as you look deeply into the mandala and focus your concentration on exploring the realms, both seen and unseen, in the picture.
Continue looking at the mandala until your eyes begin to close. At this point, you should be able to visualize the mandala in your mind’s eye. Allow the picture to present information to you. Don’t try to comprehend what you are seeing or being told, just continue mentally focusing on absorbing the information which is being revealed.
Until you get the hang of it and are able to keep gazing for a prolonged period, 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient.  Once you open your eyes, take a few minutes to jot down some notes about the information you received. The information may not immediately make sense, but if you include mandala meditation a regular on-going part of your daily routine, you will have a deeper understanding and be better prepared to integrate the information in order to make positive and life affirming changes.
Contact IntuitiveGoddesse (click here) if you’d like more information on how to use mandala meditation as a spiritual retreat.
New affirmation: I AM WHOLE AND HEALED.
Always expect the best outcome! Love and light,