Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Have the Best Day Ever!

Okay, so what do I mean when I say BEST? In simple terms: you have to be willing and committed to supplying the necessary action(s) to achieving the highest result. Your DAY – from waking until bedtime, is the amount of time you have to invest in yourself. EVER has to do with the intensity of your action. Set the intention and commitment so what you accomplish today surpasses anything you’ve contemplated before.
Tip #1 in a nutshell is the most important thing to remember because this is where it all begins:
  • Tip #1 - Stop looking around and start looking inside.  You’ve been given the greatest gift and most powerful tool one could ask for – YOUR MIND!  Get to know it and it will be your greatest ally. We spend a great deal of time looking around at everyone else, but we’re hesitant and reluctant to bring that vision back around to ourselves. The mind’s eye is a powerful focusing lens, magnifying or diminishing whatever you choose. Visualize what you want to CREATE. Set the intention and start tending your garden, plucking out any negative weeds growing there!
Okay, so it sounds a little silly, but it works!  When you look for wonderful, awesome things to happen, then you’re setting your mind cap to allow those same wonderful, awesome opportunities to be presented.  We’ve got the big one out of the way. What’s next you ask?
·         Tip #2 – Live only in the present moment. If you’re always focused on COULD’a, SHOULD’a and WOULD’a of bygone yesterdays, you’re missing opportunities RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU… TODAY!

When you start looking backwards, it’s easy to lose the momentum and begin falling back into old patterns and behaviors.  If you’re constantly dreaming about tomorrows that may or may not come to pass, I guarantee you’ll miss opportunities...  Yesterday is done and Tomorrow may not come – all you have is TODAY… more specifically, all you really have is this moment in time. 

·         Tip #3 - Set a realistic goal each day and expect the BEST OUTCOME. This will set the rhythm and tone for the day.

Start off with something reasonable and measurable so you can ensure you’re consciously creating something you can accomplish. If the goal is too large, it becomes untenable and frustrating. If it’s too small, then you may not be too concerned with recognizing your accomplishment when it’s done.

Make sure the goal is also something within your sphere of influence or control. You cannot create something that is not yours…

When you have your objective in mind, write it down, otherwise you’re wasting time and energy and the thought may vanish! Brainstorm about what you can do to nurture it. Thinking outside the box is called PROBLEM-SOLVING.  That’s how most successful people get to be where they are.

·         Tip #4 - Fake it till you make it.  CHOOSE how you react to people and circumstances.  Have patience and give yourself credit for showing up.  My motto is ALWAYS GIVE THEM SOMETHING (positive) TO TALK ABOUT.  Sometimes you’ve got to believe your own press and just get out there. BE REAL AND AUTHENTIC. Let your light shine.

Let the world know you’re ready to step up and be seen! People will react positively to the confident energy you exude.  People want to be like you – BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, FEARLESS AND AWARE! When you’re confident, you’re able to create what you want more effortlessly.

And here’s the last one, though by no means is it any less important:

·         Tip #5 - Practice Random acts of Gratitude. This one’s near and dear to me and, as they say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. It’s easy to be thankful when sitting down to a lavish feast.  Conversely, it’s hard to be grateful as you consider challenges ahead, especially unwelcome ones. 

Write down FIVE things you can be grateful for. Maybe it’s your family. It could be your health. In this economy, be especially grateful that your needs are taken care of. Even if it’s not the long-term job or career you envision, please give gratitude. Take a few minutes to send love to all the things on your list. Doing this revitalizes your energies and releases stress and fear.

In your gratitude, it’s a perfectly natural thing to want to share that feeling with others. Maybe you can perform a random act of kindness and generosity. Not because it’s expected, but rather, because it isn’t. Get used to doing things outside of your own needs and you will be surprised at how the energy is returned!

You’re going to make mistakes… pick yourself up, dust off your backside and get going again. There are going to be days when you feel ‘small’ – when that happens, remember tip #4 - Fake it Till You Make It. Go back inside, turn that frown upside down, open the door again and step outside into the light. That’s part of the process. Expect the unexpected. Have fun with it and celebrate the serendipity that comes into your life.

With these basic tools, you’re on your way to having the BEST DAY EVER! 

Always expect the best outcome! Love and light,


Monday, January 17, 2011

Gifts from the Universe

I've had an ongoing fascination with rainbows for about the past six or seven years.  I believe this had to do with my opening up and allowing myself to see the beauty which is all around us. Since that time, I have been receiving these Universal gifts in lots of highly unusual places. I have remarked on rainbows which suddenly appeared on bus benches, on street signs, on pavement, in a clear blue sunlit sky, and on empty walls.  Some people ask for feathers; some want pennies – for me, I’ll take the rainbow. I consider myself lucky to witness these wonderful, positive and affirming energies when they make their infrequent and inspirational appearances.

Today is Martin Luther King's birthday and I was on my way into the office. Yes, I'd lingered extra-long in the bed before throwing back the covers and announcing aloud, to Spirit and myself, it was going to be a wonderful day. I quickly got myself dressed, fortified with a bowl of oatmeal and cinnamon for breakfast and headed out.  Heading out, I grabbed a coat thinking I’d better be prepared – it had been a fair weekend, but the weather couldn't seem to make up its mind.  Even then, I wasn't prepared for the gift the Universe was getting ready to bestow on me.

Every morning, I make the same drive down this four-lane road which gives me the perfect opportunity to see the mountains and judge the weather on the other side of the Continental Divide. Most days, I'm greeted with beautiful scenery, but today was different.

Before witnessing this morning's display, I was still peeling away the layers of weekend fog to be ready to handle some tough assignments I had ahead of me. Having settled into my familiar commute, I was barely five minutes from my front door, when the sun beamed out of the Eastern sky at my back, like a Hollywood spotlight. Surprised by the intense glow which enveloped my car; I immediately looked up and found myself staring at an impressive rainbow silhouetted against fluffy clouds spilling over the mountain tops.  Carefully etched into the cloud layer, it reminded me of an illustrated pathway to the heavens, a beautiful, colorful bridge resembling Dorothy's yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz.

My heart was suddenly filled with unexplainable ecstasy. Everything around me ceased to exist and for a time, there was only me, the rainbow, and Divine consciousness – LOVE -- surrounding me and my car. I found myself wishing with all my being to be allowed to leave my car parked by the side of the road and hike up the rainbow so I could bear witness to what was on the other side. Blinded by the intensity of the sights and sounds around me, I nearly steered my car into the opposite lane. Thankfully, it was empty and I was in no danger. The car was on auto-pilot, guiding me safely down the hill to the next intersection.

For a brief moment, I was filled with sadness and I realized it was because there was no one else around to share this joyful experience. Quickly recovering, I looked up again only to find the rainbow had disappeared. As I normally do, I took this to be a sign – a big “thumbs up” from the Universe. Just so you know, the mountains are a good 30-45 minute drive from where I live, so I can only imagine the level of intensity had I been closer! This experience just confirmed my affirmation for the day: I AM TRULY THANKFUL FOR ALL THE BLESSINGS I RECEIVE!

What a blessed day! Love and light,