Sunday, September 9, 2012

What news is the wind bringing you?

My guides asked me to share this short story with you...

The landscape is surreal, like standing on the edge of an abyss.  Walking along the shoreline, I notice the water is dark and lifeless.
“Don’t be fooled.” Grandmother’s eyes connect with mine and I am unable to turn away.  “You are here to witness.”
At my feet, a female turtle shuffles along in the sand on the way to laying her eggs.  Our eyes meet. I’m self-conscious now.  Especially when I don’t see any signs of life other than Grandmother, Turtle and myself.
“I will not waste time. Guard and protect.” I hear the words telepathically. I feel a sudden heaviness in my head and realize Grandmother is still “speaking” to me.  Like a laser, she records her words and thoughts. I have no idea how much times passes before she drops her gaze and lets me go. I have to work at calming the buzzing in my head. Slightly dizzy and overloaded, it takes a minute to steady myself.
“Knowledge comes when needed,” she replies cryptically.  There is tenderness in her speech, but it’s almost as if speaking to herself. She continues slowly walking along the shoreline.
I turn to watch as Turtle covers her children with grains of sand. Tucking them in protectively to await their futures. The tide moves ever closer, the edge of the water lapping up to kiss the sand.
“Many will not live.” A solitary tear runs down her cheek, glistening in the starlight.
At that moment, I realize she’s grieving for possibilities that won’t be realized. I start to cry.
 “There are many outcomes in your world. Many outcomes. Many possibilities. Learn to listen. When you listen, you will hear many important things.” As she speaks, Grandmother stares out into the blackened sky.  “The wind brings many echoes. Pay attention.”
“Yes,” I start to say, when she raises a hand to silence me.
She turns and begins to walk in the opposite direction “I have given you what I can. You must follow the wind.” 
I stop to clear away the tears pouring down my face. When I look up, she’s gone, her footsteps mere echoes on an ancient surface.

So let me ask you, what are you waiting to hear on the wind?  Are you paying attention to the messages which are being sent to you? Do you even take time to notice the small things that happen around which, in and of themselves, won't directly affect you, but may have longer-term consequences.

Sometimes messages come and we cast them aside, because we're not willing to say "Yes" and open the door to a new future. Letting fear and ego keep you from reaching your ultimate goals is like akin to allowing your unrealized potential and probabilities to be washed away by the ever encroaching sea.

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Cheryl Pershey

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