Monday, June 25, 2012

PASSION is the path to your Soul Purpose

Everyone keeps talking about making sure your Passion and Purpose are aligned. Well, how do you recognize one from the other? How are you supposed to know the difference? And even if you do, how do you know it’s your PASSION and it’s the right path to uncovering your Soul Purpose?

Well, since the question keeps coming up, I want you to think back to the first time you fell in love. I want you to remember the emotions, as well as the physical experience of that first time.  Now that you’ve pulled up the reference, I want you to consider if your PASSION meets these criteria:
  • It’s the essence of what makes your heart skip a beat (it defines and completes you);
  • It’s an obsession (or could be if you didn’t have real world responsibilities);
  • It’s easy (no reason to second guess anything);
  • It’s invigorating (you feel on top of the world); 
  • It’s blissful (it speaks to your spirit);
  • It’s uplifting (think stress reducing); and
  • It’s empowering (it provides an opportunity for you to be PRESENT and at your BEST).
PASSION is about finding your ONE TRUE LOVE. When you’re in love with your heart’s desire, fire burns so deep and bright, but it flare into a scorching red-hot burn hot one minute and plunge into the frigid depths of cold and despair the next. When you are LOVE (talking about true PASSION here), it’s next to impossible to extinguish the flame because it burns steady and bright all the time! 

Relationships are about being in love. They are satisfying at times and they are equally erratic. They come and go in your life, sometimes with your assent, but they don’t necessarily require a commitment from you. On the other hand, living your PASSION is about LOVE – totally and completely. It’s about a complete commitment to living fully and authentically. 

Mistress of the Sacred Feminine, PASSION is steadfast, true and heartfelt. Doesn’t matter whether she arrives in your youth, or you renew the acquaintance later in life, PASSION waits for the right opportunity to spark your interest and ignite a relationship. 

PASSION isn’t a jealous lover either. PASSION doesn’t understand anger or fear; instead, she seeks to express only intense joy and excitement.  She will accommodate you – dancing however fast or slow you choose.  She will peek out from the edges of your day-to-day, occasionally showing up in your lucid dreams to remind and entice, but never to trap, you. When you’re ready to accept the commitment, PASSION will be the first to embrace you and revel in your decision to share with the world.

PASSION will never up and leave you. However, it’s interesting how easy it is to walk away from your passion to pursue a relationship… hmmm? That might make some people uncomfortable; however, it is a reality that needs to be acknowledged.

Interestingly enough, your commitment to living authentically allows for greater freedom – financially, emotionally and empirically, as well as a renewed sense of empowerment because you are embracing life without limitations.  When you align with your PASSION, you will find new opportunities and doors opening for you, ultimately bringing you closer to discovering your true Soul Purpose. 

Even if you’re not conscious of the fact, it’s part of the reason you’re here. Soul Purpose has more to do with your contribution to the greater consciousness. In other words, when it’s time to write your Eulogy, what will be your lasting impact on the world?  You may discover your Soul Purpose in the work you do; a hobby you enjoy; the time you spend with friends and family; or it may occur as a direct result of a random act of kindness imparted  upon a stranger who happens to cross your path.

The easy part is all you have to do is be who and what you are – authentic ally. Live in the moment. Remember to celebrate and share your joy with others. Pass along your enthusiasm! 

My passion is teaching. I appreciate and am grateful for the opportunities I have to interact with and teach people the secrets to living and enjoying extraordinary lives. There’s always something extra special that touches my heart when I see the lights go on as folks embrace their true calling. My purpose is to educate you to take the necessary action to embrace your PASSION and invest in your long-term success.  My hope is you will decide to revisit your PASSION and change your life.

If you’ve been procrastinating or need help with your PASSION and Soul Purpose, IntuitiveGoddesse is waiting to hear from you! I love working with people ready and willing to drop the fa├žade and begin living authentic lives. All it takes is the conscious desire to peel back the layers and discover your true essence and a commitment to investing in yourself. 

Known as a fairy god-mother in combat boots, I’m here to help. Take the first step and contact or check out my website: On Twitter, please “follow” @Goddesse1 to stay up to date on IntuitiveGoddesse happenings.


Cheryl Pershey