Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beyond Illusion

Like most of the country right now, Denver is covered in layers of snow and ice. I’ve always enjoyed the winter here in the Rocky Mountain region, however, by day three of the arctic takeover, I’d reached my limit. As cold as it was, I longed to go out and stand in the sun.
Tired of being cooped up inside, I was looking for any opportunity to escape. The sky was a brilliant robin’s egg blue with a blazing sun beckoning me to come out and play. Looking around, the scene was so irresistibly peaceful and serene. I welcomed the opportunity to get outside and bask in its warmth, so I didn’t think twice – that is, until reality icily slapped me out of my tranquil stupor.
My first hint should have been when I opened the front door, but I didn’t stop there. It wasn’t until I closed the door behind me that I realized my error. The illusion in my mind quickly disintegrated as the blasts of arctic wind sliced through my body like knife-edged ice razors. I was quickly and appreciably reminded that Mother Nature isn’t one to be trifled with.
Chilled to the bone, even though I had properly dressed in layers, it felt like keeping warm was going to be an impossible task! Quickly regretting my decision, I retreated inside and thought it best to observe the beauty of the day behind the protective shielding of walls and windows.  I spent the next several moments warming my frozen self, still gazing lovingly out at the sun, yet realizing it was truly an illusion which would best be enjoyed from inside with a mug of hot chocolate!
That got me to thinking about how beauty in all things can be deceptive. Unfortunately, most folks never learn how to discern a fa├žade from what’s truly lurking underneath. In Sanskrit the word maya means “not that”. It’s important to know there’s always an aspect of truth perpetuated in an illusion, but it’s up to you to look beyond the obvious and see things as they really are.
Going through your day, how often do you look beyond the obvious and dissect what you’re really being told or shown? We’ve all had occasions when we’ve been presented with irresistible opportunities. Even with internal guidance, it’s easy to be led by hopes and dreams instead of focusing on the realties. We’ve all been guilty, at one time or another, of overlooking red flags and warnings because of wanting to believe something so badly.
It’s easy to tell ourselves rationalizing a situation too much causes you to think you’re being set up to fail. Who wants to fail before you’ve even left the starting gate? Not too many folks I know. That can cause you to reach blindly for opportunities, in spite of the potential for deceit.  
The key is to use your intuition. It’s with you all the time and it’s the best barometer for piercing the veil of illusion and getting to the heart of a matter. Let your body tell you what feels good and what doesn’t. If you’re listening, you should be able to tell what part of what you’re being presented with is truthful and then you can earnestly decide what action(s) you should take. As a human lie detector, you’ve got the tools and skills to realistically assess any situation and decide an appropriate course of action. Use what you’ve got and you’ll acquire the success you’re seeking!

Always expect the best outcome! Love and light,