Monday, September 26, 2011


The other day a friend of mine was visited by a dragonfly.  Lightly perched on the crest of her knuckles, it appeared to stare back at her, not moving for an instant, hesitating before launching itself back out into the hot summer’s afternoon. Puzzled and perplexed, she sat there with the widest grin on her face and still hadn’t moved her hand, even after her guest had departed.

“I don’t know what that means, but it must be important,” she exclaimed. “That’s never happened to me… you saw it… it just sat there looking at me… OMG!”

She was right. Her messenger was letting her know that her deepest dreams have begun to stir and it’s time for her to pay attention. As they say, “the winds of change are upon us,” meaning it’s time to sit up and get ready for what’s about to show up. If you’re suddenly inspired by dragonflies, perhaps you should think about getting your “wings” out of mothballs and prepare to take flight.

In light of the three eclipses this past summer, the cosmic pot has been stirred, resulting in lots of changes brewing around us.  Things have been stewing and simmering and now we are once again ready for movement. A deep emotional awakening has taken place and it’s time to dig deep and make decisions which will reverberate in your future. 

Paying attention goes against the grain for most of us, as most people are more interested in seeking instant gratification rather than looking beneath the fa├žade and finding the subtleties in the world around us. Content as you may be to “let sleeping dogs lie”, now is the time to take notice of your own conscious thoughts and self-talk which may have kept you from moving forward. Open and allow yourself to be divinely inspired and guided to fulfill your life’s purpose. 
Meditation is a good way to bring focus and clarity to your thoughts and help determine whether or not you’re ready to more fully explore potentials and possibilities.

Got a dream which has been stowed away in the back closet of your mind? The gateway to your dreams has been activated and it is time for those hopes and desires to begin taking shape – moving from thought forms to begin working on transformative steps to create your new reality. Like the dragonfly, you possess the innate ability to soar, weightless above the clouds and higher than you ever thought possible.