Monday, April 18, 2011

Living in the NOW

     Sometimes it's just about being present. Not worrying about what happened yesterday or stressing over what you can't control in the future. Sometimes, it helps to take a breath, count to ten and then be grateful and happy with what is right in front of you.
     These past few weeks, I've had computer gremlins and other odds occurrences. We've all been there -- in that place where you don't know if it's better to laugh or to cry. If you're like me, busy and driven, it's hard to suddenly run into that stop sign at full force!
     Facing that dilemma myself recently, I simply stopped, took in that precious breath and gave myself space to think. Yes, it took a bit -- more a few bits actually -- but I realized, my journey path was being temporarily re-routed.
     Spiritual road construction had necessitated my sudden and unexpected detour.
     In the past, I would have fretted and become angry over my inability to adhere to my self-imposed deadlines and limitations. Instead, these past few weeks have become somewhat of a miniature retreat for me. A time for reflection, introspection, contemplation and, of course, gratitude.
     Without these interruptions, I wouldn't have been available to notice and wonder about the robins which have taken to nesting in my backyard. Last year, we only had a nesting pair of doves. Now, I'm happy to celebrate the new life they're bringing to the neighborhood and delight in watching them prance along the sidewalks, getting their morning exercise.
     If I'd been in a funk, I couldn't have taken delight in the advancing new growth on my lime tree -- young shoots sprouting out in anticipation of fruiting.
     I would have missed the visits from my favorite totem, the red-tailed hawk, sailing along outside my window. Mesmerized, I envied the ability of my winged cousin to soar willfully and purposefully upon air current, seemingly without effort. My rainbows have been sprouting about in abundance, reminding me I am divinely guided and protected.
     I could go on and on laying out all the things I have been privileged to witness in this time of enforced solitude.
     In the old days, my fearful old self would have walked along the edge of despair, allowing the shadows to consume my light. Eventually, energetically diminished and filled with melancholy, I would have stepped out into the abyss, free falling into depression and anxiety, finding excuses to alleviate my consuming self-guilt.
     I never could have anticipated the space would be filled with new clients and new opportunities for which I am eternally grateful. Sometimes the message is to "slow down". Other times, it's simply divine intervention -- drawing your attention to something. No matter, it's important you are able to "listen" and hear when you are being guided and willingly allow your life to be interrupted.
     In this moment, I give thanks and gratitude for being made over and whole. A new person, I am living a life filled with joy and unanticipated delights. I know I will never return to those days because I have healed and shed that past.
     Living my life in the NOW is just another example that belief shifting really does work and it can work for anyone. I work with people all the time, reminding them that yesterday is past and tomorrow's not yet promised. Yes, it's hard work to change your self-talk and shift your beliefs. Small miracles go unnoticed by most everyday.
     You can't control everything, but you can control how you choose to perceive what happens. The reward for living in the NOW reminds us it's necessary at times to stop, smell the roses and experience the beauty of life which is all around you. Spirit never closes one door without preparing to open a new one!
     Change your thoughts; be open and allowing to what comes into your life!