Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open the Door & Unlock Your Potential

You’ve got a key in your hand and it can open one of several doors. Are you willing to step up and go for it? Knowing there’s a prize waiting for you, why are you still hesitating?

Unfortunately, too many opportunities are lost in the hunt for instant gratification.  Just like the lottery, most of us are waiting around for a grand prize (usually a big pot of money) to literally fall from the sky.  Intuition isn’t like that, although it can help make your wildest dreams come true – if you learn how to listen, trust and use the information you receive.  

All you need to do is turn the key. Intuition is the greatest prize you could ask for and it’s just waiting for you to step up and open the door. Let go of any fear you’re holding and confidently stride over and put the key in the lock.

Once you open the door again, you’ll be glad you did. It’ll feel like you’re welcoming a long-lost friend. It’s just been patiently waiting, on the other side of the doorway for you to rediscover the magick. It’s part of your Divine human intelligence – an internal guidance system to help guide you along the journey path of the physical realm. This instinctive ability is unlimited and once acknowledged, it’s going to be there whether you choose to use it or not.

There’s a Universal Law that says you must get in touch with the source of your own intuition before you can start acquiring the wisdom necessary to move forward without benefit of others’ opinions. 

It’s not something you’ve got to go out and purchase. All you’ve got to do is dust it off – kind of like going out to the garage and finding the bike you stored away.

As an example, suppose you went out and purchased a fancy bike. At first you were excited by it, took it for a spin a few times and then, for whatever reason, put it away in the garage never to give it another thought.  That’s probably a good representation of what happened to your intuition as well.  Somewhere along the way, you started doubting yourself and made a conscious decision rely on the input of others.

Well, it’s time to blow the dust off, get back in the saddle again and reclaim your place as master/mistress of your own destiny!

Think about it, are you willing to live the rest of your life in the shadows based on what other people have to say about your best interests?  Think about how many missed opportunities and chances for success you’re giving away!

How would you feel if you could move forward, confidently and empowered, using your own judgment and instinct? I daresay, you’ll be in position to achieve a lot more goals and have more life satisfaction overall. That’s the gift of intuition.

Let me say it again – when you learn to use your intuition, you start validating and empowering yourself; no longer requiring approval and validation from others. YOU become self-empowered and confident – it doesn’t matter what others think because you KNOW what’s possible and you’ve got the tools to make the probable happen!

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