Monday, March 28, 2011

No Limits!

Spring has officially been ushered in! It’s time to dust off the cobwebs of inactivity and procrastination. Even now, gearing up to nurture and grow your long-held dream seeds, there are those who will find ways to be limited – are you one of them?

When obstacles appear, it’s easy to allow distraction to divert attention away from what you want to accomplish. If you’re constantly settling for “it is what it is” instead of achieving your heart’s desires, maybe it’s time to take a look at your self-talk.

It takes 8 positive and affirming messages to undo the harm done by 1 unconstructive idea or thought.  Putting limits on yourself, and/or listening to the pessimistic or unflattering opines of others, inadvertently increases the obstacles to be overcome on your way to success. In other words, you end up working harder, rather than smarter, to achieve your goals.

Instead of “I can’t”, shift your vocabulary towards actionable, self-validating words. The shortest sentence in the English vocabulary, “I AM, “is also the strongest affirmation one can make, because it accents and emphasizes statements and actions.

Yes, there are going to be some things which may be beyond one’s physical capability to accomplish – notice I didn’t use the word “limitation”. That’s because there are always going to be things we strive for which will require thinking outside the box. 

For example, if I suddenly want to be a 6-ft tall model, most people would tell me it will never happen. If I allow myself to be caught up in their unenthusiastic thinking, I wouldn’t be open to creatively exploring possible options. 

However, I choose to affirm “I AM a 6-ft tall model,” therefore, at 5’7”, the first thing I’ve got to do is find a gorgeous pair of 5-inch platform heels! Next, I grab a camera and ask a friend to be my photographer. Voila!  I AM a 6-ft tall model! 

There’s always a creative solution to be found, especially when putting one’s mind to work. The intellect doesn’t know that something is or is not possible – that’s Ego stepping in and putting the brakes on. Tell Ego to lay off the brake, while you entertain some unconventional solutions to your prickliest challenges!

It’s all about perspective and being open to possibilities, rather than shutting down and falling into the negativity trap. Think about what you can do to accomplish a goal rather than focusing time and energy on obstacles. Give yourself permission to explore new ways of making things happen. Start practicing on little issues and, as you get more comfortable, move up to bigger obstacles. 

Change your thoughts; change your focus and celebrate your creativity!