Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Action Time is NOW!

Some time ago, I shared a dream about seven sisters who came to Earth to enrich my soul, transform my life; accelerate my growth and guide me along the path to greater accomplishments. I have been blessed with abundance and blessings over the years and welcome their continuing contributions to my work and life.  Through their encouragement, Truth, Courage, Virtue, Compassion, Wisdom, Gratitude and Forgiveness have asked me to share their gifts with the world.

I know people don’t like it when folks keep revisiting the same territory time and time again, but guess what? That’s exactly where we’re going because my guides believe sometimes repetition is necessary. Fact is, the human brain needs to hear something at least three times before it actually “listens”, makes the connection, and begins to take action.

So listen to this – here is your reminder… action time is NOW! Don’t wait for the moment to be perfect or until all the stars align in heaven. If you’ve got a passion in your heart, what’s holding you back?  If you’ve wanted to learn something new and discover how your life can be profoundly changed for the better, NOW is the time to set things in motion and get moving.  In this moment, you have everything you need to start dreaming, planning and designing your new future.

Maybe you’ve just been holding back. What fears are keeping you from achieving your loftiest goals? Are you aware fear is only self-imposed confinement? The box is only a box – it has walls you can break down any time, but you have to be willing to stretch and take appropriate risk to navigate the barriers. As long as you are willing stay in the box, you can never realize true freedom.

What gifts have you been given that you’re not purposefully using? Maybe you put them on a shelf for later use and forgot about them. It doesn’t matter – it’s never too late to get them out and start embracing and integrating them into your life.

If you’ve been procrastinating or need help exploring your special talents, IntuitiveGoddesse is waiting to hear from you! I love working with people ready and willing to drop the fa├žade and start living Authentic lives.

Embrace your inner Goddesse! All it takes is the conscious desire to peel back the layers and discover your true essence and a commitment to investing in yourself.

I’m a travel guide to your subconscious – a sort of fairy god-mother in combat boots – and I’m available to facilitate your empowerment journey.Take the first step and contact IntuitiveGoddesse@gmail.com or check out my website: http://intuitivegoddesse.com. On Twitter, please “follow” @Goddesse1 to stay up to date on IntuitiveGoddesse happenings.


Cheryl Pershey

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